It’s not offensive because your…

A story about an American rapper who does not deserve to be named got me thinking..thinking about why people think it’s alright to alight hatred or stereotypes because they don’t understand an ethnicity or are angry about certain situations. It’s a situation which I find is out of hand. 

Gone are the days when the majority of the worlds existence would enlighten ones self with the power of celebrating different cultures. Instead it’s more common to turn on the news, or hear someone talk about “fear, tax costing, not enough work for us, their taking over” As humans we need to go back to being supportive, putting ourselves in other people’s situations. Or just being generally more educated in our views.

Which gets me on to the topic which I personally find insulting! When you’ll be having a lovely conversation, and then you hear “You’ll understand because you’re black” “You’re pretty white for a black girl” “It doesn’t matter if I say that N**** word, rappers say it. It’s not like I’m saying it to you” It’s an ignorant sometimes laughable situation, that definitely is insulting whether it’s meant to be or not.  There’s plenty of ethnicities who would be able to tell me a similar story with an embarrassed face. 

Let’s stop this old fashioned nonsense, and focus on the things that really matter such as happiness, freedom to express oneself through culture and art, feeling safe in a land which allows you to live safely away from a war torn country. A peaceful existence will never wholeheartedly exist but it is worth a good try. 


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