Lets start again..

First of all Happy New year!

So I’ve not posted anything for a while mostly down to lack of inspiration, stressful situations, and general every day life..To be honest I’m pleasantly surprised by friends who have asked me when I’m going to start again. So here I am the little Londoner has returned.

It’s hard being in your twenties, like your never really sure of who you are. Or where you are going. (Well I hope so if I’m sitting on the bus!) But maybe that’s just me! 

You often see these photos of sucessful friends on Facebook somewhere exotic and wonder how? Where are the rent, bills, and should I really have brought that from EBay? scenarios we are all silently, or often loudly complaining about! But I guess that’s it, we all move in different speeds towards the same goal. 

What’s my dream? 

Well that’s a weird one, it’s not to own hundreds of shoes, or a life supply of Champagne. No I want to buy and sell houses, and live in the countryside. The kind of place where old people are in the pub all day whilst bizarrely leaving their Audis outside (we won’t talk about that) and your mobile never leaves your pocket. Which is totally not down to having no signal.

This year I’ve set some resolutions;

. Start saving for a mortgage.

. Live in the moment, worry later.

. Give out more compliments (something about the feel good factor)

.  You know when you have a really good conversation with a friend you hardly see and are like wow. Spend more time with them. 

. Spread positivity like the plague. (Negativity is so 2016, and should be avoided at all costs)

. And most importantly never join a gym again. (Me and the gym have commitment issues)