La la land is magical

So a few weeks ago I saw La la land, and what a film it was. I knew nothing about the film about from that it was a musical. So I kind of went in the cinema thinking “Oh no not another cheesy musical”

 Don’t get me wrong I love the old classical musicals such as Oliver, West side story, Annie, and who can forget about Cats. I used to watch Cats religiously as a kid on video and prance around pretending I was Rum Tum Tugger. Played by the marvellous John Partridge. And then trying not to cry when Elaine Paige sang memory to a very fragile Iconic John Mills. One of Richmonds most notable residents. I remember my Grandma showing me his house as a kid, and asking “Is that the girl from Pollyannas Dad?” Oh how kids think!

 Back to the film I don’t want to give too much away if you haven’t seen it, but it is pretty much the perfect dating setting filled with emotion, romance, and truth. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are the perfect casting for this modern yet classical musical. Not to forget their City of stars duet, and the unmissable John Legend. 

What stuck out for me was the planetarium scene. Being a massive James Dean fan I thought it was cool as fuck that they used the iconic Griffith observatory in LA that were used in the cult classic Rebel without a cause. The very place they filmed the cinema scene, and of course the famous knife “I thought only Punks fought with knives.”  It was the perfect mix of classic meets contemporary Hollywood, and a lovely tribute to a time long ago.

The musical ends with a sense of why didn’t they end up together. You know when you want to shout at the screen in confusion! But I get it, in the sense that not everything in romance ends in the obvious happiness you were expecting. After all something has to keep the audience on their toes right? 

It’s not really a surprise that the movie won 24 awards in total including 6 Golden globes. What are you waiting for, if you haven’t already go check it out. 


Lets start again..

First of all Happy New year!

So I’ve not posted anything for a while mostly down to lack of inspiration, stressful situations, and general every day life..To be honest I’m pleasantly surprised by friends who have asked me when I’m going to start again. So here I am the little Londoner has returned.

It’s hard being in your twenties, like your never really sure of who you are. Or where you are going. (Well I hope so if I’m sitting on the bus!) But maybe that’s just me! 

You often see these photos of sucessful friends on Facebook somewhere exotic and wonder how? Where are the rent, bills, and should I really have brought that from EBay? scenarios we are all silently, or often loudly complaining about! But I guess that’s it, we all move in different speeds towards the same goal. 

What’s my dream? 

Well that’s a weird one, it’s not to own hundreds of shoes, or a life supply of Champagne. No I want to buy and sell houses, and live in the countryside. The kind of place where old people are in the pub all day whilst bizarrely leaving their Audis outside (we won’t talk about that) and your mobile never leaves your pocket. Which is totally not down to having no signal.

This year I’ve set some resolutions;

. Start saving for a mortgage.

. Live in the moment, worry later.

. Give out more compliments (something about the feel good factor)

.  You know when you have a really good conversation with a friend you hardly see and are like wow. Spend more time with them. 

. Spread positivity like the plague. (Negativity is so 2016, and should be avoided at all costs)

. And most importantly never join a gym again. (Me and the gym have commitment issues)

Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner..

That I love London Town..I’m sorry but I don’t, and I have never quite understood the deep attraction to it. Don’t get me wrong it’s an exciting and fascinating city full of dreams and fantasies to those who meet its seductive eye. But also one full of misery and high rise prices that one chooses to ignore because it’s the city of dreams.
So where am I from you must wonder? Yes it is in fact London. Richmond upon Thames to be exact. A leafy somewhat quiet Royal borough known for its famous inhabitants of Rock stars and Actors.

My problem is not with London itself but with the false hope that those believe before they choose to move to the city. In which they believe their life will suddenly change as soon as they step off Kings Cross station. If only one could step onto platform 9 and 3/4! 

As a Londoner I saw England in a new light when I moved to the North for Univeristy 5 years ago, opening up a possibility of cheap rent, ridicolous drink prices and people who talk on the trains..sorry I meant metro! 

Richmond will always be my home town, but Newcastle is where I want to be..I don’t know maybe it’s just because I’m a Londoner. 

It’s not offensive because your…

A story about an American rapper who does not deserve to be named got me thinking..thinking about why people think it’s alright to alight hatred or stereotypes because they don’t understand an ethnicity or are angry about certain situations. It’s a situation which I find is out of hand. 

Gone are the days when the majority of the worlds existence would enlighten ones self with the power of celebrating different cultures. Instead it’s more common to turn on the news, or hear someone talk about “fear, tax costing, not enough work for us, their taking over” As humans we need to go back to being supportive, putting ourselves in other people’s situations. Or just being generally more educated in our views.

Which gets me on to the topic which I personally find insulting! When you’ll be having a lovely conversation, and then you hear “You’ll understand because you’re black” “You’re pretty white for a black girl” “It doesn’t matter if I say that N**** word, rappers say it. It’s not like I’m saying it to you” It’s an ignorant sometimes laughable situation, that definitely is insulting whether it’s meant to be or not.  There’s plenty of ethnicities who would be able to tell me a similar story with an embarrassed face. 

Let’s stop this old fashioned nonsense, and focus on the things that really matter such as happiness, freedom to express oneself through culture and art, feeling safe in a land which allows you to live safely away from a war torn country. A peaceful existence will never wholeheartedly exist but it is worth a good try. 

Moving isn’t quite location location…

When you are a kid Location Location seems like a treat. You look in awe at the massive houses you think you’ll be able to afford in 5 years time, the countryside palace in the place you’ve never heard of but sounds amazing. (Typical Londoner) Because no one ever rents do they?!? God help the iPhone generation.

That is until you become a so called adult! I’ve rented a fair few places by now, and the letting agents are always the same. They love you when you hand over your pay check, and take that un-sellable house of the market, and then that’s it until you owe them that late rent from last month. 

Although saying that this time I found the perfect maisonette last week. I say me well me and my boyfriend. There’s something about renting a couples second place that seems different from the first. I dunno maybe it’s you know them in detail now. Like when to wake up to be the first in the shower, when to pretend you are too tired to do the dishes. Or the joy of coming home from work and seeing your lover on the other side of the door.

Ps that house is not mine, but one day it will be 😜