Moving isn’t quite location location…

When you are a kid Location Location seems like a treat. You look in awe at the massive houses you think you’ll be able to afford in 5 years time, the countryside palace in the place you’ve never heard of but sounds amazing. (Typical Londoner) Because no one ever rents do they?!? God help the iPhone generation.

That is until you become a so called adult! I’ve rented a fair few places by now, and the letting agents are always the same. They love you when you hand over your pay check, and take that un-sellable house of the market, and then that’s it until you owe them that late rent from last month. 

Although saying that this time I found the perfect maisonette last week. I say me well me and my boyfriend. There’s something about renting a couples second place that seems different from the first. I dunno maybe it’s you know them in detail now. Like when to wake up to be the first in the shower, when to pretend you are too tired to do the dishes. Or the joy of coming home from work and seeing your lover on the other side of the door.

Ps that house is not mine, but one day it will be 😜


So here I am

So I’ve finally done it, after all these years.

 No I’ve not won the lottery or been promoted..I’ve finally started a blog. I have no idea how to use it but that’s where all the fun begins I guess!